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No. 446 Nan Shang Rd., Kueishan Village, Taoyuan County, Taiwan

Since its founding SEYI has always worked to provide a superior product at a reasonable price with complete service to our customers while maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards.
The SEYI press is built to meet the toughest demands of the stamping room floor. Only high quality machines will be able to remain productive over time. By continually evolving our press designs over the last 50 years to implement the latest features and manufacturing technologies, SEYI has gained a reputation for excellence.SEYI has excelled by emphasizing concepts:Utilize the best techniques and technologies to develop the best products.


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Our Product Lines Include:

- Press
- Servo Press
- High Speed Press
- Mechanical Press
- Special Application Press 打开微信,点击底部的“发现”,使用 “扫一扫” 即可将网页分享到我的朋友圈。